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Founded in Tucson, Arizona in 2010, Bree Richmond Designs specializes in helping companies develop and maintain a creative and cohesive business identity. It is a multi-disciplinary task, incorporating everything from logo design, to business card design, to website production, social networking, and even vehicle design.

With over 27.5 million businesses existing in the United States, developing a solid brand and being able to effectively market that brand is essential to success. There is nothing we love more than hearing about how our design has positively impacted someone’s business. By meeting with you and defining your goals, target market, and the essence of your business, we can help create an image that will ensure your business’ growth and success in a highly competitive market.
selected clients

• Tucson Citizen
• Trader Joe's
• Realm
• Wings for Women
• Robert Hardy Groll, CPA
• St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church


• Suzanne Lovejoy, LMFT
• Jennifer Jones
• Kimberly Dickey Designs
• IAP Consultants
• Career Moms at Home

Our Services
Business Identity Creation:
  • Logo Design
• Business Card Design
• Letterhead Design
Marketing & Promotional Materials:
  • Brochures
• Flyers
• Direct Mail Pieces
• Posters
• Product Design
Print Design:
  • Advertisements
• Book Design
• Magazine Layouts
Tradeshow Booth Design:
  • Banners
• Leave-Behinds
• Marketing Solutions
Vehicle Graphics Design
Website Design

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